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How to brighten up even the darkest of homes

Is your home darker than you’d like it to be? Do you want to allow more natural light to enter your home? Certain rooms in your home are inevitably going to be darker than others. North facing areas may be particularly difficult to brighten up. At Elitis, our network of installers have worked on thousands of properties. We’ve often been asked by our customers for ways to brighten up their homes. Here are several ways to brighten up even the darkest of homes.

LivinRoof Conservatory Roof Replacement

LivinROOF Combination Roof

Let in light from above

If you have a tiled extension or a room in your home with direct roof access; you could incorporate a glazed section. Sky lights are excellent for letting light into loft conversions and are also great for ventilation. Sky lights can also be incorporated into hallways, porches, or dormer style bedrooms.

If you have a tiled extension, you could replace the roof with a glazed alternative. At Elitis, we install the LivinROOF from Ultraframe. The LivinROOF can incorporate as many glass panels as you require to let in an abundance of natural light. Inside, the vaulted perimeter ceiling can feature downlights to further enhance the room’s ambience. We also install the UltraSky lantern roof system which can be fitted into flat roofs to increase natural light intake.

Open up your home to the outside

One of the most popular and successful ways to bring extra light into a property is by installing bi-fold doors. Bi-fold doors create a seamless link between indoor and outdoor space allowing you to fully enjoy your garden or patio area.

Inside, the wide expanse of glass maximises natural light intake. When fully opened, the doors neatly fold back to provide expansive views of your outdoor area. Choose from aluminium or PVCu to meet your home’s requirements.

Bifold Doors

Optimise doors and windows

If you have a solid front door, your entrance hall can be dark and unwelcoming. Upgrading to a door with a glazed section will have a huge impact on the brightness of your entranceway.

If your home has the potential to add additional windows or enlarge your existing windows; this is a great way to create more natural light intake to your property. A small landing window or an extra window in your lounge can double the light levels when correctly positioned.

For the final touch, trimming back any large trees and bushes close to your property will immediately brighten up your home. Simple alterations like switching out net curtains can also help to let in more light. Don’t let your home linger in darkness, let some light into your life with help from Elitis.