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It’s Window Safety Week!

Casement Windows with Georgian Bars

This week is Window Safety Week. Created by the National Safety Council of America, it is now a worldwide initiative which seeks to bring window safety to the fore of the world’s consciousness. Window Safety Week is an annual event which takes place in the first week of April. It is scheduled for Spring because this is the time of year when homeowners begin opening their windows to let in some fresh air.

Unfortunately, window falls account for around eight deaths and over 3,000 injuries involving children under five, every year. If you have young children and you’re concerned about the safety of your windows; Elitis installers can help to improve your window’s safety capacity.

Optimise your home’s safety with restrictors, and safety catches

At Elitis, our double glazed windows can incorporate several optional safety devices. They can be fitted to your existing windows or incorporated into the design of new windows.

Restrictors can be fitted which limit the window’s opening arc creating a narrower opening. Restrictors can be concealed within the window’s opening mechanism or they can be attached to the frame in a similar way to a door chain.

Safety catches are also available from Elitis. Working in a similar way to restrictors; they limit the window’s opening capacity and help to improve your home’s safety. With both these options, you can ventilate your home, safe in the knowledge that your windows can not be pushed wider open.

Tilt and turn windows

Tilt and Turn windows

One of the most practical window solutions for modern homes are tilt and turn windows. They feature a two way opening system for maximum versatility. In the first arrangement, they can be fully opened from the side for superb ventilation and cleaning access when needed. Alternatively, when tilted from the top on their bottom axis; they create a super safe window opening with limited low level access.

Home safety should never be an issue of compromise. Make your home safe today with help from Elitis.

Invest in the safety of your home

Your home’s safety is priceless. To promote the importance of creating a safe home, Window Safety Week hopes to save lives by improving the safety of homes around the world. To find out more about how Elitis can help to improve your home’s safety call us on 0800 953 3633 or contact us online.